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Apr 12, 2001

Intellithings today announced that its Bluetooth-based smart home occupancy sensor RoomMe now supports Siri Shortcuts.


RoomMe, successfully funded on Indiegogo in 2017, leverages the unique Bluetooth signature of a person's smartphone or smartwatch to identify who that person is and which room they are in, and automatically adjust settings such as temperature, lighting, music, and more to that person's preferences.

Now, RoomMe users can create a Siri Shortcut to manually execute "charms" on demand. This gives users the flexibility to take advantage of their pre-defined room settings without walking into that room. Intellithings has provided instructions on how to enable Siri integration with RoomMe in its FAQ under Voice Assistants.

RoomMe sensors are $69 each, with discounted pricing available for bundles of two or more sensors. Siri Shortcuts functionality requires version 1.5.0 of the RoomMe app, released yesterday.

RoomMe is also compatible with HomeKit.

Article Link: Bluetooth-Based Occupancy Sensor RoomMe Now Supports Siri Shortcuts


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Sep 19, 2007
They say "smart watches" but it's not working with Apple Watch is it?

Edit: "Currently, only Samsung smart watches running Tizen OS v4.0 and up are supported."

Yeah thought so. Unless room occpuancy is going to work with my Apple Watch it's a no go - and why they haven't enabled the Apple Watch to sense their very own iBeacons i'll never know. I've got enough battery life for two days, give me the option!

now i see it

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Jan 2, 2002
Person A walks into room. Heater goes on and lights brighten, then leaves. Five minutes later person B walks into same room and air conditioning turns on and lights dim, then leaves. Five minutes later Person A returns and the heater turns back on.... etc


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Jan 29, 2008
The idea is cool but I'd like to see it as a HomeKit sensor instead. And built into the os.

It would be nice if the home app for instance, knew what room I was in and defaulted to that screen when it was opened up and as I walked around the house, it would switch from room to room. I think you could add some cool automations too. If your partner is light adverse but you are not, you could do something like, when I walk downstairs at night. Turn on the lights in the rooms as I walk. Just smarter motion sensors really.


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Jun 21, 2007
That seems like a kind of silly product.
I think there are a lot of good uses for it if it works well. For example, my media room is on the second floor, and generally the only reason I’m upstairs is to use the media room. Rather than heating/cooling the upstairs excessively when not in use, it would be nice if when I walked in the room it could set the appropriate temperature and turn the lights on, and then do the reverse 5 minutes after I leave (because I don’t want to come back from the bathroom and have to have it trigger all over).
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