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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Lenow, May 17, 2011.

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    Hi Folks.

    I did a bit of searching and experimenting and wanted to share my experience because I find reading these posts helpful in making decisions. I have no connection to any company and am just a regular user, so please read my comments in that spirit. I love bluetooth and hate cables. I was also willing to spend the $99 for the best pair for me. There are cheaper options that may work well, but I stuck to the ones that I had read the best reviews about.

    I tried the Outdoor Technologies Tags, the Jaybird Freedom Buds EF3 and the Motorola S10 HD(Behind the head). AFter my unscientific experience, I kept the Outdoor Technologies Tags. They were the most comfortable and the easiest to pair and stay connected to my iPad and MacBook Pro. I love the long "tags" that rest behind your head. They are comfortable and silent (meaning, long enough) and are great for holding the buds when you take them out. They clip together in front. I found comfortable ear buds among the selection they send and they stay in as I read or work. I haven't used them in the gym yet, but the great news from the company is that they are coming out with new "behind the ears" attachments for use in sports and they are also sending out a new pouch for traveling with them. The new ear piece will be compatible for those who already own them. I liked the sound range on these better also, but it may be the fit of the earbud. THese two new additions (the behind the ear holder and carrying case) make these the obvious choice for me.

    Strangely, the Jaybird Freedom buds look very similar to the OT tags. I even wonder if they come from the same manufacturer. However, I had a lot of problems keeping them connected. They would drop out after a minute's use and they were a bit tricky to make "live." You had to use the Bluetooth menu to select them even after pairing. Plus, I couldn't find a comfortable pair of ear buds. Their big draw is their claim to "sports" use, but the ones that came with the buds kept coming out and just weren't comfortable for me. The poor connection was enough for me to turn them back.

    The Motorala S10 HD worked fine. They connected easily and stayed connected. However, I found that no matter which ear buds I used, they just hurt my ears. They stay put, for sure. I just found them very uncomfortable with the hard plastic wrap that goes behind your ears. Maybe a smaller head would work, but that just isn't an option for me.

    I hope this helps anyone else looking around.
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    Are there any wires in the cord that connects them? I would like to get something like this that is 2 completely separate pieces that doesn't have a string or wire dangling.

    I'm assuming that the bluetooth receiver is only in one of the buds and the wire sends the received audio to the other... :(

    If that's not the case I would buy these and cut the cord, but it probably will render one of them useless.
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    Hm. I see a lot of mixed reviews of Jaybird Freedom 3 and Outdoor Technologies Tags, saying "whatever they find not comfortable" was hard to use, so they eventually returned it. Have you tried it with the new secure fit cushions? I think that's where many people changed their minds. I'm getting mine next Monday, so hopefully by then I'll be able to test and see if your review was correct or not.
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    Found this thread in a search and have to give a big thumbs up (so far) to the Jaybird Freedoms.

    I was checking out BT headphones to use at the gym at amazon and had it down to the Jabra set (forgot the exact model...the one's they say are sweat proof) and the Jaybirds.

    I'm not a fan at all of in-ear buds so I was leaning towards Jabra. However, Jaybird says they have a lifetime warranty against sweat so I went with them.

    First of all, if these headphones hadn't come with the honeycomb ear things to help them stay in, they would have gone right back. Using those as a "helper", they're actually quite comfortable.

    I've used them a handful of times so far and have not had a single problem. I'm pairing them with my iPhone 4S and they connect every time. At the gym, I keep my phone on the machine with no issues. I walk to the gym with my phone in my hand or in my jacket pocket with no issues.

    I also just tried them on a bike ride with my phone in my back right jersey pocket with no issues!

    Very impressed so far and glad I got them. I did read through the amazon reviews and they look hit or miss. They've been great for me!

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