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Jun 14, 2013
Orlando, Florida
I have a 4s on 6.1.3 (Jailbroken). The wifi chip is already dead.
I got a new phone and I didnt use it until a week ago, when I found it.
The wifi was still dead, but now the bluetooth said "off" and entering the menu gave me an endless pinwheel (I left it there for 4 hours)
I had btstack installed so I checked that, It said none (old version where you switch between BTStack iOS and none manually) I tried to select ios or btstack and both gave me endless pinwheels.
I looked up online and searched info on this, and I came on an iphonewiki page describing a BlueTool utility, and BTServer which runs everything related to bluetooth. I tried to launch BTServer from terminal
and was met with:
There is a MAC address but I blurred it.
What can I do?
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