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    Hi everyone so basically I am making a thread for more information because I cannot find any clear cut answers.

    I recently purchased a pair of Jabra SPORT headphones. They pretty much give me everything I wanted, sweat/shock proof, wireless, fit fairly well, etc. However, once I actually got the headphones, I realized that they do not pair with my old 2nd generation ipod touch. I have read different things from all sources (including the box the product came in). Apparently they pair with 3rd generation ipod touches and up, but I have seen places that say they only pair with the most recent ipads, iphone 4, and iphone 5.

    So I want to know a few things.
    1. Is there anyway to connect my 2nd generation ipod touch to the Jabra SPORT headphones? (I have a feeling that the answer is no, but I am still hoping)

    2. What generation ipod touches actually do connect with the Jabra SPORT headphones? (I may end up selling my 2nd gen. ipod touch and purchasing an ipod touch that does work with the Jabra SPORT headphones)

    3. Are there any other similar wireless earbuds, which connect to a 2nd generation ipod touch, that are good for exercising with? (For example I found these but I am skeptical if they connect to my 2nd generation ipod). For any headphone/earbud suggestions or recommendations, I'd prefer the price to be less than $100, that they are sweat proof and durable, and that they are more like earbuds (like the Jabra Sport) rather than actual headphones.

    4. Assuming that wireless is not the way to go with exercise headphones, what good over the ear wired headphones do people recommend?

    Thanks for the help and all information is appreciated.
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    I'd just get a new iPod touch at this point. 2nd generation is rather old and a refurbished 4th gen is pretty cheap. Plus, you upgrade the core experience and not just an accessory.

    1. I'm pretty sure there is no way.

    2. Like the box says, 3rd gen and higher.

    3. My friend who is an exercise nut really likes his JayBird Bluetooth earbuds. And that holds true for other friends who use JayBirds during exercise.

    4. If you're willing to go wired, pretty much any earbuds that are labeled sport or exercise will work. Generic ones probably won't hold up to sweat and liquids that well.

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