Bluetooth issues/Lion (different ones than the other threads)

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by goldbergprdctns, Aug 9, 2011.

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    Aug 30, 2009
    I am a content producer so I rely on my technology to make a living but do not understand all the nuances as I am not a programmer. Thank you for any assistance.
    I upgraded my desktop and laptop (both) to Lion yesterday and have had bluetooth issues. The bluetooth connection to the trackpad is still there and works fine. I have none of the issues others have reported with not being able to wake up the OS with a track pad.
    The problem is that my iPhone 4 will no longer connect to my desktop (it was never connected to my laptop, so the fact that it won't now is not of note) My laptop and desktop will also not connect with each other - and I used this connection to share a printer/scanner before.
    The iPhone connection I was using heavily with SL because I use the Dragon Dictate for Mac wireless version. I have some carpal tunnel issues and being a writer it is a lifesaver to be able to fold clothes or clean while dictating copy to my computer.
    I cannot re-establish the bluetooth connection between them and as such can't run the wireless anymore which is a very big problem for me.
    Details: the desktop is 2x2.6 quad core intel xeon, OS 10.7. Laptop is 2.5G intel core 2 duo OS 10.7.
    I do know how to connect the iPhone and computer(s) - this was already done before the upgrade.
    Now I can connect the two (already tried "favoriting" the iPhone per the other suggestion) and pair them....but the iPhone refuses to change the status from "not Connected" to "Connected" once the pairing is made- it says my computers (both of them, doesn't matter) are "unsupported". My computer sometimes asks if my iPhone is connected to the network. It says 3G enabled but wireless is turned on and this is how it was configured before.
    Also the laptop and desktop won't connect. Sometimes the laptop will recognize the desktop and once I got them to both recognize each other. But they will not connect. It just says it was unsuccessful.
    I have been trying for several hours now, all different combinations of settings on the bluetooth - advanced. Nothing seems to change the "device unsupported" error on the phone. I have also rebooted multiple times - both computers and the phone itself.
    Thank you for any help or advice.
  2. goldbergprdctns thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 30, 2009
    I figured 1/2 out - !!!

    I had not reenabled or re-identified my bluetooth headset as the input device in system preferences. also the upgrade to Lion had set my universal access switch to "off". So those 2 things in system preferences - then launching the iPhone app that connects the 2 (dictate microphone) made it all link up again.

    I still cannot link the laptop and desktop such that they can again share the scanner/printer. Any ideas there would be great!!!

    I can't recommend the dragon for mac product enough, in case anyone is interested. the dictation mode is not perfect but is close enough, and really saves my hands from typing so much and the command mode is probably better than I know how to use it.

    I also like the dragon voice powered controls for the iphone.

    thank you to anyone reading this....these forums are so helpful to those of us who rely on technology but aren't a whiz at keeping it all running - esp through changes.

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