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Oct 30, 2017
Have a 2013 iMac and recently been having issues with the bluetooth mouse and keyboard. These are 3rd party and not apple. These items have worked fine since the beginning but lately they will disconnect and rarely re-connect. I have rebooted the imac and established a new bluetooth connection it but still does the same.

Any ideas? BT module going bad?


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Oct 7, 2007
Have you run a diagnostic test on it? My old iMac Late 2013 did this a few times and I had to reinstall Mac OS Catalina to fix it. Then Catalina would have more issues again and again and since Apple abandoned bug fixes on it, I finally had enough and bought a new iMac.


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Feb 20, 2009
Does the keyboard have an option to connect via USB?
I'd suggest trying that.

Bluetooth is a weak-signal technology that seems to have had problems with some Macs for a long, long time now -- with no actual resolution in sight. This is a "hardware problem" and it CANNOT be fixed with software upgrades.

Your best option is to connect "some other way".
If you want a RELIABLE connection, that is.

I've never owned a bt mouse or keyboard (37 years of Mac'ing now).
I use an old USB keyboard that has a USB port, and a Logitech mouse with Logitech's own "unifying receiver" plugged into the keyboard USB port. Always works as expected...
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