Bluetooth keyboard mechanical design error?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Gaston1980, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. Gaston1980 macrumors newbie

    Jan 3, 2009
    I've got a bluetooth apple keyboard (the Dutch alu small version).
    Using rechargeable batteries I sometimes have to replace them.
    When I do replace the batt. the keyboard won't work, no green led comes up.
    also tried the caps-lock to check, but this also won't light-up.
    So, Thinking it was the batteries, tried some new ones, and they work.
    At this time I thought also the problems would be the batteries, but it wasn't.

    I've change the batteries a few times this year, and sometimes the keyboard worked, and sometime it didn't. Until a few days after warranty (23-dec-08) it stopt working.
    I've tried changing batteries over and over again.
    I've checked the voltage of the batteries, and they where fine.
    The store told me, no warranty, buy a new one.
    So first I wan't to know what the problem is, so I disassembled the keyboard and made a few pictures so you would also know how to.
    The problem is: The power of the batteries never reaches the circuit-board.
    I can disassemble a few things, but I can't get out the main-problem part.
    I think it's the springy thing in the batterie compartment, which does not give through the + voltage, the - was okay (checked with resistanse measuring).

    I've read a few problems with this keyboard..... What should I do next?
    The keyboard costed 80,- Euro's...
    I would like to change it for an usb version as I don't trust the bluetooth's anymore because of this (I found) mechanical error in design.

  2. Gaston1980 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 3, 2009
    part 2

    An update about the broken keyboard.
    I called the Dutch Aple store helpdesk phone number. The person was very friendly, asked me about some products that I owned and tried to solve it via the normal procedures and asked for an exeption.
    But like normal procedures: The keyboard was 15 months young, so 3 month over warranty :(
    They did not took the exeption for a keyboard of 80,- euros.
    I told them I was happy with a cabled keyboard (half cheaper for apple, and because I don't trust the bluetooth inside wiring).
    It would cost apple almost nothing for a wired keyboard.
    In a few years I bought a mac-pro, and 2 macbooks, I thought they would help me out over a few euro's.

    Next step:
    The friendly person tried to call Customer Relations Ireland, but they were close at the moment I'll have to call back tomorrow.

    Backup step:
    Cut open the alu part which blocks my way of repairing the keyboard.
    Will take some time, but the fix will cost a few drops of soldering stuff.

    At least this approach boosts the trust in online shopping
    via the apple store I must say. Now, let's hope they can help me out.
  3. Gaston1980 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 3, 2009

    A latest update about the alu bluetooth keyboard:
    Apple called me back the next monday, and with very good news.
    They replaced my keyboard.
    As I've told them, I don't want a bluetooth anymore, I received a cabled one.
    This service from Apple does make a difference between all the webshops.
    I'm happy again.
    Thank you Apple!

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