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    Well I'm getting a Moniter for my macbook and windows desktop(which I pretty much just use for fl studio). I have a bluetooth mouse and I'm going to be getting apple's keyboard for Christmas. Is there anyway I could switch between the two easily? Connecting to the macbook again would be easy since I have the trackpad on there for backup. How could I do this on a desktop? Is there any software or mods for this type of thing? I really don't want another keyboard and mouse.
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    Pairing an Apple (bluetooth) wireless keyboard with multiple computers

    I have found that the following procedure works fine to connect one Apple wireless keyboard with 2 computers (could be done with more).

    1. Pair keyboard with computer A
    2. Disconnect keyboard (do not remove! only disconnect)
    Note: To disconnect go to System Preferences -> Bluetooth -> Select keyboard device and next to the - (minus) sign there is a tools sign with more options one of them being "Disconnect"
    3. Switch off keyboard and pair with computer B

    And then ... to connect back with computer A:
    4. Disconnect keyboard with computer B
    Remember do not remove, cos it will mean that next time you need to pair again, entering the digits.
    5. Switch off the keyboard (pressing 4 secs)
    6. Turn on the keyboard pairing (pressing again the keyboard for 4 secs until the light turns on blinking)
    7. On computer A: Go to Bluetooth, select the keyboard and options and select Connect.

    and voilà, you don't need to "re-pair" (searching and entering digits) only re-connect.

    I have done it and it works with a Mac Mini (Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard) and a Mac Book Pro (Mac OS 10.7 Lion)
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