Bluetooth mouse problems


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May 2, 2003
The Netherlands - Utrecht
Hi All,

I was wandering, since the last update 10.3.8 im having troubles with my Apple Bluetooth mouse. Whenever i take my laptop somewhere without the mouse it won't just reconnect (or re-pair), i have to do the whole blue tooth discovery thing again, which is rather tiresome. I already replaced the batteries and i do have the latest firmware....

Anybody else the same problem?



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Jan 6, 2004
i haven't had any problems with mine at all

have you checked over at the apple support forums to see if people over there are reporting this as well? just a place to start....


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Jul 23, 2002
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I have a MacMice BT mouse and an AlBook with built-in BT and the only issues I've run into is when the batteries are low. The mouse becomes jittery and when the batteries are real low, the connection keeps dropping. Changing the batteries fixed the issues.

I'm also running the latest BT firmware on the Powerbook as well as 10.3.8.

My two suggestions are (1) Repair permissions and if that doesn't find anything or the repairs don't fix the issues then (2) Install the 10.3.8 combo update and see what happens.
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