Bluetooth Plantronics Discovery 975 not-so-much...

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by B737, Nov 10, 2009.

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    After using a Motorola 680 / 690 bluetooth headset for nearly a year, I concluded you get what you pay for. That headset was junk. what it boiled down to was it was hard for me to hear people and it was difficult for people to hear me. I bought that unit because it wasnt the cheapest, but it wasnt the most expensive. I set out to search bluetooth reviews.

    Several Threads on Macrumors spoke very highly of the Plantronics Discovery 975, and tons of good feed back on the net. I wasnt too interested in the Jawbone button on face thing, i wanted a more traditional set.

    This time, i didnt let price be the sticking point, as right now thats the only draw back of the 975, its about $129, not cheap.

    My car is very noisy, callers can be heard loudly over this ear piece, and people i talk to say they can hear me clearly, most say it just sounds like im on the phone, they cant hear background noise. (never the case with the motorola) Talk time has been good, 5-6 hours. Its comfortable in ear design. Ive used it outdoors in light wind and is been clear on both sides. The device interface is pretty standard two button. iphone integration is good. You cant play music over it, but you can hear your voicemails and use iPhone voice control.

    It comes with a wall charger that you can plug into the ear piece itself or plug into a small charging carrying case. So you charge the ear piece and you charge the carrying case or both all together. keep the carrying case in your car / travel bag, if your device goes dead, you just drop it into the case and the case will recharge the 975 from its own batteries. You'll get 2 full charges from the case.

    Price point. Callers REGULARLY complain of echoing so badly they that cannot continue the conversation without me switching to the handset. I cannot hear their echo, only they can. The headset is a great piece but the echo issue is so bad it renders it completely useless.

    I tried different ways of initiating the BT connection, restoring the phone, re-pairing the device connection, using an almost inaudible volume level, and nothing resolves it.

    overall i was happy with this device until i started using it more and got more and more complaints from callers. i used this forum for help locating it so i thought id post more specific feedback for anyone in the market.

    Find another product :(
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    I got sucked into this product based on the reviews and have to say it did not live up to the hype.

    Granted the charger case is nice, but people I call say I have an echo, which is no different than with my $50 headset. Plus the noise cancellation is worthless. I found the new Jawbone prime to be much better in this area. The 975 does however, feel more comfortable than the Jawbone.

    Overall though, I think the Jawbone Prime has much better sound quality.

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