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    I bought a new logitech bluetooth lighted keyboard because the wireless Apple keyboard the keys were hard to see when typing. I set up the logitech keyboard and it works very well and it shows connected in system prefs. But the problem is with a "Bluetooth Setup Assistant dialogue box keeps popping up saying there isn't a keyboard connected and no keyboards have been found and to make sure the keyboard is "discoverable". The keyboard is connected and works. I can quit the dialogue box, but it pops up again upon reboot or startup.
    How to get rid of that bluetooth setup assistant box from popping up when I first start up my iMac using Mavericks. It's a late 2012 iMac.
    thanks for any replies.

    Problem solved, I went into system prefs/bluetooth/advanced/ and unticked "open bluetooth setup assistant at startup and that solved the answer to my post. I should have looked in there first.
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    If you haven't found the solution to this, simply go to System Prefs, Bluetooth, click 'Advanced...', and then uncheck the first two options.

    Edit: I should have fully read that you fixed it. lol New to these forums, and can't seem to find a way to delete my post. It seems I've developed my own problem now...

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