Bluetooth speaker comparable to Bose Wave?

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    I listen to a lot of music. I'm not an Audiophile just enjoy it. I've stolen the Bose Wave from our bedroom for my office but would like something wireless and that I can take out on the deck sometimes. Also, I think my wife wants the Wave back. :)

    I have been looking at and reading reviews but I've had a hard time knowing how they would stack up to what I'm used to.

    Looking at Soundlink Mini, UE Boombox or maybe saving a little and possibly getting the UR Boombox mini.

    Anyone have both a Wave and one of these? How do they compare?

    Attached is the photo of my setup if that helps.

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    I recommend visiting a best buy and just clicking through the various speaker demos.

    I was greatly suprised by how the JBL Flip $99 beat everything anywhere near its size no matter what the price. But if you want something much larger it would obviously have a depth which the JBL couldn't match.

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