Bluetooth sport headphones


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Jan 30, 2005
anyone try a pair? If so, what kind? Im looking to get a pair, I just don't know if they're good enough to bite on or if I should wait for quality to get better(if it isnt by now)

Something sweatproof, that's my main issue
Right after I posted this, I had found a brand called JayBird, which makes what looks like exactly what I need. Im probably gonna also grab a spibelt and the nike stuff
make sure and keep us posted on how you like the jaybirds and how they last ...... this workout/sport headphone question pops up on the forum all the time.....
there is many threads on the motorola s9hd but not of those jaybirds and there are many that would like to know about the jaybirds......



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Mar 9, 2009
I have a set of Jaybirds and I do like them a lot but..... I don't really like the way the fit in my ears. I really want them to isolate sound and they don't really do that. I was just going to mod the little rubber caps they have on them to fit my needs. That being said they do work as advertised and sound great but I just prefer the in ear type of phones like these:

As far as sweat proof they are top notch. I shave my head so they get the full brunt of the sweat running off my dome. I usually do 35 minutes on an elliptical then push some weight around with out them shifting. I have yet hit the road or a treadmill so I can't give any info on how they stay locked on in those conditions.
I usually do about an hour work out 3 times a week and only charge them one time. I have never run out of power.
They are not stereo when in a phone call which kinda sucks, only the left ear gets sound but I'm pretty sure that has more to do with the phone.
The sound quality is good and the mic picks up every thing no problem. the only sample call I did was to my wife in another room and she said it was loud and clear... I have never had any one complain while talking to them with the jb's.
One negative is they don't work with next/prev track.... not a major issue for me. Again, this is the phones fault not JB's.

Over all I think they where a great investment, no more ripping the phones out of my ears or almost tossing my i to the floor when I catch a chord with my hand/elliptical. If you are looking for some bt phones I think they are a good buy. $9.99 off if ordered by 12-14-09.
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