Bluetooth stops working on iPhone 6S Plus (again)

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    When I first got my iPhone 6S Plus 128 GB, I had a problem where every few days, Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz Wifi would stop working Until I toggled Bluetooth off and on. I spent nearly a month troubleshooting this with Apple, including doing things like resetting network settings and even doing a restore and setting up as new. Nothing fixed this problem. None of my other iOS device (iPad Air 2, iPhone 5s, iPad 2) had this problem.

    Finally on Oct 13, 2015, I had the phone swapped which appeared to fix the problem. I never saw that problem again, that is until this past weekend. Over the course of 3 days I saw it several times. I even determined it was causing my horrible Wifi performance once day when I was connected to my 2.4 GHz Wifi network and getting a few hundred kbps speeds. Bluetooth also stopped working several times. I wasn't sure it was the same problem until today when I saw that when Bluetooth died, 2.4 Ghz networks vanished as well. I had just updated my iPhone to iOS 9.2.1 about 10 hours prior, so Bluetooth died in that time.

    Basically the problem has returned after three months. Any idea what's wrong? Is the hardware failing or is it something else?


    I had a thought. I replaced the batteries in my TiVo remote this weekend. It uses Wifi or Bluetooth. My phone usually sits right next to it when I'm watching TV. Perhaps the stronger signal damaged the Bluetooth antenna or otherwise messed it up? I don't know why that would be though since my phone was sitting next to that remote for months and the problem went away after swapping my phone.

    Is it possible for a Wifi/Bluetooth device to permanently damage the iPhone Bluetooth chip?
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    I seem to have fixed this by removing all my Bluetooth devices from my iPhone and then resetting network settings.

    I haven't added all the Bluetooth devices I had since I noticed one device (waterproof speaker) tended to work weirdly at times and also the problem seemed to happen shortly after streaming music to it. The thing is that speaker worked great with my iPhone 5s.

    At this point I haven't connected my iPhone to any Bluetooth devices except my car and my Amazon Echos and haven't streamed audio to any device except my car as I'm afraid it will break again.

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