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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by The Apostrophe, Jan 8, 2009.

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    I have a bluetooth headphone that works with my iphone while talking on the telephone, but the same will not work when trying to listen to music with the iPod part of the iPhone. I called :apple: technical service and I was informed the Ipod section of the iPhone currently does not support wireless headphones but that I might be able to find an aftermarket product. I had a friend that had some type of device that plugged into the iPod that allowed them to use a Bluetooth headphone.

    Does anyone have any guidance or suggestions on how to get to use a wireless headphone for listening to music with the iPhone?
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    The profile used to play music over bluetooth headphones over stereo is called a2dp. You need some kind of iPhone a2dp adapter, and a quick search of ebay will turn up many of these.

    These will generally plug into the base of the iPhone and stream your music over bluetooth. One thing to watch out for is whether they have built in batteries or they take their power from the iPhone. If the latter is the case then you might want to watch out if you're a heavy user, as then you'll run of battery quicker.

    There are other variations available that plug into the headphone socket, but these normally involve leaving a trailing wire from the iphone to a small adapter, sometimes defeating the point of using wireless headphones. e.g.

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