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i got a question for you guys/girls, i have a mac mini and a dell laptop. my mini doesnt have bluetooth or airport but iam gonna go get it installed, iam wondering how well the bluetooth printers adapters work? i want to get a bluetooth usb adapter for the laptop. whats generaly the range and does any one have a recommended brand?


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Sep 14, 2003
I hear Belkin, Linksys and D-Link are good brands. I would also consider Kensington and IOGear. Typical range is 10m (30 feet). You can get higher powered ones that go 100m (300ft), but they are larger and usually have antennas.

I can't help you with hooking up to your printer, or anything specific, sorry.


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May 2, 2003
The Netherlands - Utrecht
I've got a belkin USB bluetooth dongle in my old powermac G4. A 10 meter (30ft) unit. And to be honest, i think the performance is kind of poor. I gave up on the BT mouse and keyboard. And even when i transfer some photo's form my cell phone to my powermac it maxes out at about 7KB's

Now this could be caused my milions of factors.

But this is my experience with a belkin 10m USB bluetooth dongle.

Hope you figure something out