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May 13, 2013
Hi There,
I've just begun exploring encoding with handbrake for my 3rd gen AppleTV. Been doing fine encoding DVDs, but I'm about to get a new mac with an i7 and looking to encode blurays. From what I understand the maximum bitrate i can encode 1080p video at for the appletv is 25000kbps. I like using the Constant Quality control, and also setting the highest key frames for profile 4.0 (so in blurays case 4).

File size is no concern to me, just encoding the best quality picture but still able to be played on the AppleTV (preferably using the CQ/RF setting).

Who's played around with this who would care to share their thoughts? :)


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Dec 13, 2012
2 pass..

I rip to 20-30Gb mkvs and then encode down with a constant 3000 and 2 pass, turbo first past.

I generally get files 2-4Gb in size and they look fine to me :)
OP, I suspect you'll end up with about 30+ different answers for this one. Everybody thinks their choices are optimal. I'll offer mine too with the added assurance that I'm chasing the very same thing: picture quality maximization without care for file size. You're already getting a lot of input that seems to be more biased toward file size minimization instead of maximizing picture quality.

My Settings Choices:
-High Profile (preset)
-Move the constant quality slider down to 19 (unless the film is grainy and then move it up to 22)
-Decomb Default
-Check "web optimized" & "large file size"

Leave everything else as the profile defaults. I have pretty high end equipment and a large HD screen and in very careful testing, I can't see the difference in video quality. The files play well from big screen down to iPad.

Your best answer: don't go with any of our input. Run a few tests with adjusted Handbrake settings on bright & dark & fast-moving video and do some head-to-head testing on your own display. There's so many non-Handbrake variables in the mix that no one can give you a best option (for example, OLED vs LED vs LCD vs plasma, screen size variances, your own seating distance from your screen, lighting of the room, and on and on).


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Feb 1, 2003
Orlando, FL
I settled on RF of 19 myself. I believe the ATV 3 preset is 20 (which is slightly more compression - lower numbers are higher quality).
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