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    Only $4.95 at the moment on Amazon. :D

    NOTE: Blurex offered me a free case in exchange for a review. Even though that this is a sponsored review, these are still my own views and I will truthfully tell you how I feel about this product and whether I'd recommend it.

    This case reminds me a lot of one I used to have for my iPAQ Pocket PC - Sturdy, protective, but not something I used exclusively with it. This one has a lot more function though.

    The packaging is really nice. You just pull off two stickers and it opens up. Great for a person like me who has absolutely no strength in their hands and has a hard time even using scissors these days. No hassle packaging is a must and I wish more manufacturers used it.

    The fake leather is less plastic-like than I'm used to. There are some types of it that you can definitely say its plastic and it has this horrible shine to it, but this is more matte. The inside has this greenish-brown-grey color, pairs nicely with the black.

    It's kinda hard to get the iPad into it, you have to slide it in towards the middle and then push it down, but the thing holds it in really, really, really well once that's done. The stylus loop easily holds the bulky Bamboo Stylus, and you can sit the iPad up in landscape mode to watch a movie with no problem (it has a few choices of grooves that hold it at the bottom) - I had a Marware MicroShell Folio for my Kindle Fire that was completely USELESS for this (but advertised for it) and it cost more!

    The handgrip works really well too. I held the thing upside down, on its side, and all sorts of awkward ways where it'd probably fall off, but it didn't. So if you need a case that's going to keep your Mini in place, this would be the one.

    Overall I'm pretty happy with it, like that it even turns wakes/sleep the screen when I open/close it. I trust it more than my Smart Cover when it comes to holding it on its side, which is what I'm going to probably use it for mostly. It also adds a nice grip to the iPad. You might have problems putting it on correctly the first time, mostly getting the camera hole to align, but it gets easier once you break it in.

    Highly recommend for those looking for a stand. I've bought stuff like this for $5 before, and they are not nearly as nicely made as this is.

    ... And I'll bring up the Marware MicroShell Folio again because I just looked it up and they've made them for the iPad Mini aswell. Whatever you do, do not get that case. It had so many horrible reviews at launch when it was released for the Kindle Fire, that they had to credit everyone $10 as it was overpriced. The back of it is very nice plastic, but you have so much trouble trying to pull the device out of it afterwards that you might just damage it.

    The cover is also very nice fabric, but very flimsy and not usable for a stand.

    So yeah, if you want function over form, again, I'm going to say the Blurex Ultra Slim Case is worth the $5 you'll spend on it. Much better than waiting for a $0.99 eBay case from China to show up too. ;)

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