iPhone Blurred Lock Screen Request Thread


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Sep 25, 2016
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Hey guys,

Wanted to share the idea of a blurred home screenhot set as a lock screen wallpaper.
Below, you can see:
  • left wallpaper (1a) is an original home screenshot
  • the other 2 are parallaxed & blurred versions w/ the Apple logo and a text message:
    • middle one (2a) is padded with the edge pixels
    • far right one (2b) is padded by mirroring the pixels symmetric to the edge
  • None of the 'ugly' edges will show up once you set it as 'still' lock screen wallpaper and it should align perfectly

IMG_1247_1475262036_92582.png apple-tim-s-iphone-7-su1hxzeynddfmtq3nti2mjaznl85mju4mi5wbmc-white-10-pe.jpg apple-tim-s-iphone-7-su1hxzeynddfmtq3nti2mjaznl85mju4mi5wbmc-white-10-pm.jpg
(1a) (2a) (2b)​

To create one for yourself you need to:
  1. upload a home screenshot on this forum (and I can do it for you)
  2. choose the kind of logo you'd like (Apple logo, Crown logo, nothing)
  3. choose your text
  4. pick color for text & logo
  5. select how blurred you'd like this to be
I will be happy to listen on your thoughts as to how to improve this concept.

I think it's cool having the lock screen appear as a foggy window where you can remotely see your apps in the background. Particularly with iOS10 and the notifications on the Lock screen, it looks cool.

In the end, once you set it (either one 2a/b) as a lock screen it will look like this:

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Jun 18, 2008
I just did this in about 6 minutes using GIMP. Took the screenshot, used AirDrop to send it to my Mac to edit. Blurred with GIMP about 10 times or so, skipped the additional text, exported as .png file, sent back to my iPhone via AirDrop. Saved on my iPhone, set as lock screen wallpaper.

The idea is nice, but the animation that takes you from the lock screen to the home screen kind of throws the whole thing off. If the lock screen just disappeared and the home appeared, it would be a lot better.

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