Bobby Keys, Legendary Saxophonist, Dead at 70

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    Bobby Keys, Legendary Saxophonist, Dead at 70.

    I just noticed that the death has been announced of Bobby Keys, described as someone who was regarded as a 'legendary' saxophonist by writers in the music world.

    This was a musician whose talent meant that he played with Buddy Holly at the age of 15, and whose subsequent career saw him playing with Eric Clapton and later still, playing the saxophone on some of the most famous tracks released by The Rolling Stones.

    Quite a number of that generation of musicians and artists lived hard, partied hard and played hard, generous use of - and abuse of - narcotics and alcohol taking an inevitable toll on bodies that some had deemed immortal. But they made some great music on the way, music that was entirely their own and not the result of pandering to an audience or a the perceived need of a focus group or marketing campaign. They just made music as art, some of it brilliant.

    RIP Mr Keys - the music lives on.
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    Thanks for the music, Mr. Key.s

    Saw the Rolling Stones at the Pontiac Silverdome in '81. Great show, terrible acoustics.
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    A man who made the SOUNDS of the 1970’s so memorable.:cool:
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    Saw the Stones at Madison Square Garden in the late 70s and Keys was on stage. One of my favorites.


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