Bobby Womack RIP Aged 70

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Scepticalscribe, Jun 28, 2014.

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    Just noticed that the death has been announced of the legendary soul singer, composer and musician, Bobby Womack, aged 70.

    Obviously, many of those on these fora from the US - or those influenced by the culture of the US - will probably know, and indeed, remember, much of his music from the time he was in his prime.

    Some of us came to it a little later than that. Personally, I have Quentin Tarantino to thank for acquainting me with Bobby Womack's music, as I loved the movie 'Jackie Brown' (with a middle aged, black, woman, - played brilliantly by Pam Grier - sassy, clever, brave, bold as the lead character…), where his wonderful track "Across 110th Street" - originally written in the 1970s as a blaxploitation song, was used for the opening and closing credits...

    Since then, needless to say, I have been a fan. His life story was not that different from that of quite a few others from a similar background; a talented youngster from a religiously inspired Gospel background (his father was a preacher) who - along with his brothers - got to develop his musical gifts using as a platform that extraordinary fusion of gospel, blues, and soul to craft an individual identity and further enrich the musical melting pot that gave us much of the best of the music traditions that came from the US in the 20th century.

    Well, another of the giants of that era has passed on; RIP, Bobby Womack. You'll be missed, even as your music continues to live in our memories, ears and iPods…..and, hopefully, on our radios, too..
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    So well said. I was aware of Womack's music in my early teens, and his contributions were immense.

    Very sad....and from where I'm sitting...much too young.

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