Bodyguardz, Wrapsol, Ghost Armour, and Spg screen protectors???

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by deone, Sep 24, 2012.

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    So I've been researching and researching and trying to find the best screen protectors. I'm looking for full body and protects everything like from scratches, dropping on the floor, and shock resistant. I would also be putting a case as well. I could buy side and back protectors from different company and front protector from somewhere else. What is everyone using and why? What do you love about it? Sorry. Just totally confused. :(
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    my thoughts:

    Zagg: Hated it. had that rubbery feel with orange peel. That was for the iPhone 4. Removed it after a couple of weeks.

    Wrapsol: Loved it. The dry application was great. Went on with few bubbles and those went away within 24 hrs. Customer service was very good. I was sent replacements when the front started to peel away from the edges. The con was that it was really very expensive. I liked it for front and back. Nice slick feel on the front. The front and sides last at best about 6 months if you leave your phone in your pocket. Also, after removing them, they were super dirty. They looked almost like very lightly tinted sunglasses.

    Bodyguardz: Just received it on Saturday. I installed the back and sides using their gel. The back went on great. No bubbles. The sides were very difficult to install with the gel. It takes quite a while to dry enough that they won't move around. I guess ideally you would do a piece, let that dry and then move onto the next piece. Right now i am at about 36 hrs and there's like a slight pull away in the seem between the aluminum and the glass on the back, both on the top part and bottom. It is supposed to take something like 72 hrs to cure so i'll wait until then to judge fully. It is slightly rubbery which is actually good for the back and sides. I order two packs and I only received one. I contacted customer service on saturday to see if i can get a refund on the 2nd that i didn't receive. My wife didn't like the feel of it and is going to go with a case. They also give lifetime replacements which is great, because i am thinking they will get dirty or start to peel off eventually.

    SGP: I bought the Ultra Clear film for the front screen. I really like the feel of it. Nice and slick. Dry application was very easy and it went on with 2 tiny pieces of dust. They give you these stickers to remove dust. I was able to lift the areas that had the dust pieces with one of the stickers and then dabbed the other sticker where the dust was which pulled it off. Lowered the film back in place and voila no dust. I am going to put the 2nd on my wife's phone and i ordered an ultra thin air case from sgp to go with it for her.

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