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  1. crazylegsmurphy macrumors 6502

    Sep 18, 2008
    Hey All,

    I just installed the BodyGuardz shield on the front of my iPhone and have now waited about 20 hours. I turned it on and noticed that on the top and a bit on the side there are prism like streaks on a white background.

    I have had this before with lesser quality shields, but I am wondering if these go away after a few days or if they're "built" into the shield itself?

    I suppose I can live with it, but I am wondering if they'll go away.

    As well, I just wanted to make a quick comment on the company themselves. I had an issue with shipping and they were VERY good with accommodating me and communicating with me. Customer service is top notch!

    I will say however that if you decide to return the product within the 30 days they will charge you a $5 "restocking fee". I would personally fight that until they wave that fee.

    The reason is that on the mail package they put the value of $5.00. I suspect that this is roughly the cost of the materials and such so by paying a $5.00 restocking fee you are essentially help them break even or still make a profit.

    Plus, they're not going to restock it lets be honest. They're going to throw it in the garbage.

    Anyway, so far (minus the streaks) it's looking pretty good.
  2. Brandon Heat macrumors regular

    Sep 14, 2008
    ive had mixed experience with the "prism" effect your talking about..

    on my curve... they didnt go away...

    i jus did it on my iphone... and they went away...

    ??? so im not sure.. but i DID keep rubbing at it hoping it would do something... i had it all over my screen cept 60% from the middle and it allll went away... i was happily impressed...

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