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    A friend advised me because of a problem that I ran across w/ Stuffit Expander to use BOMArchivehelper in its stead. . . So I searched (ver. 10.46) to no avail, so I read that BOMArchivehelper is a routine that was added to later releases of Panthergoing forward into Tiger, except that I cannot even locate it with Spotlight... So, I thought no problem I will download it from, right? Wrong. Now, I am at that point where I am actually considering "Archive & Install," but I really think that is just to much work to gain one program, I need help.:eek:
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    BOMArchivehelper isn't a program you invoke directly. It probably is there, just hidden from you (it's located at /System/Library/CoreServices/BOMArchivehelper).

    To use it to compress files, choose File > Create Archive of <selection> in Finder. It's used by default to uncompress zip files (by double clicking them), but if your settings have been changed you can reset them as follows:

    1. Select a zip file in Finder
    2. Choose File > Get Info
    3. In the "Open with" section choose BOMArchiveHelper. If it's not in the list choose "Other" and find BOMArchiveHelper at the path mentioned above
    4. Click the "Change All..." button

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