Book Jacket for iPad 2 Alternative?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by LawyerBarbie, Apr 3, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    I have been stalking the shops in hopes of finding an acceptable iPad 2 cover that I'm actually able to have a look at before buying. I picked up the ipad2 Book Jacket by Incase at Best Buy($40) and love the solid build and form factor but the bulk it adds to the iPad 2 is intolerable....I may as well have kept my iPad 1. I tried the Elan Folio and Griffin should be ashamed at what a piece that was. So can anyone recommend a slim sexy case under 60 bucks or so with the same form factor as the Incase? Thanks in advance.
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    I got the Smart Case by Waterfield Design in San Francisco, a Skin from ICarbon. The case gives very good protection while transporting the iPad, especially when I am carrying it in the Personal Muzetto bag from the same people. Everything works together so well that you would think it was from Apple.

    This combination allows me to carry the iPad safely while having minimum bulk, and the thin profile while using it.

    If you go to their Web site you will see a note that the shipping for the Smart Case is April 11. I ordered last Tuesday and got it on Friday. I ordered the ICarbon skin the same day and don't have it yet.

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