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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Naimfan, Mar 14, 2011.

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    Jan 15, 2003

    I find myself needing to (re)acquaint myself with programming. Toward that end, I'd like to ask the board for recommendations on three books.

    The first: A medium to high level overview of programming in general.

    Second: An introductory level text that shows and explains programming in a particular language (the language is immaterial--could be C, C++, Pascal, whatever).

    Third: An intermediate level book that covers more sophisticated code writing than that covered in an introductory text.

    I have some background (in Basic, Pascal, Fortran, and C--all of it old), but need to get an overview so I can place things in perspective and get a sense of the relationships between various aspects of coding. Once I have the "big picture," actually learning a specific language is easy (or at least it was in the past!).

    Thanks in advance!
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    Skip (1), just go for (2) as what you are looking for from (1) will generally be covered in the beginning of (2).

    If you want to go for C++ I recommend Absolute C++ or Accelerated C++ for a starting book and then go through these for (3):
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    The fact that you mention Fortran lead me to think you have a scientific background; in that case, please allow me to pitch my own book, listed in my signature.
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    Naimfan: It would be helpful if you gave us some context to why you find yourself needing to re-learn programming and what your goal is. Particularly for books #2 and #3.

    You say it is immaterial what language you learn, but it really isn't. Different languages and environments are better suited to certain types of project.

    e.g. if you are dong technical computing (following from the Fortran comment), you might not actually want to learn a low-level language, but might instead want to learn MATLAB or Octave.

    I find a lot of what used to be in the older books not to be there anymore, which is unfortunate. I'm talking about the more architecture type stuff. Flowcharting, top-down and bottom-up design, ....

    Sold! I've looked at it before, but took the plunge.

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    I bought his book awhile back, I haven't got to look through it too in depth but I loved the scientific approach and will go through it some day. I haven't used C since probably 1997 so it will be a nice refresher.
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