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    I find it incredibly frustrating that Apple does not allow us to sync bookmarks from 3rd party browsers with iCloud.

    They include this function in Windows's iCloud application. I know they're doing it to try and force us into using Safari, and they have done that with me as I need my bookmarks synced with my devices.

    I would much rather use Chrome though.

    There was an application called Xmarks that used to work quite well but it stopped working years ago. Does anyone have any methods of achieving syncing?
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    Thanks, I have downloaded a trial of Bookmacster and think I have got something that works.

    Initially it wasn't syncing properly between Chrome and Safari and then to iCloud; adding bookmarks on my iPhone or iPad were struggling to sync back to my browsers too, but think I may have fixed it.

    I am on the fence though. Safari has some annoyances but it is a nice browser. Things like being able to use text shortcuts in Safari are things I miss in Chrome.

    Decisions decisions.
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    After fiddling with it a little more it doesn't appear to be working correctly.

    It either stops syncing after a reboot, or one client stops syncing (i.e. adding bookmarks in Chrome fail to sync, or bookmarks added on iOS fail to sync to Chrome).

    Will maybe have another stab at it in the future.

    If I am honest, I downloaded a cracked copy so that I could test it and know I have access to all the features, with the plan to buy a licence after I was sure it worked. The cracked version is a couple of revisions out of date, perhaps that is causing problems, or maybe the fact it is cracked is causing issues (though I don't see how).


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