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Mar 11, 2005
Great Britain
Hello all! I Just got my PowerMac 2.3GHz and I'm really pleased with it :D I'd just like to thank everyone on MacRumors for helping me with Buying Advice. However I am some questions =)

1. Baisically I want to transfer all of my Bookmarks from Safari on my PowerBook to my PowerMac. Can it be done? (Including stuff from my address book app.)

2. I have a lot of music of my PowerBook and I want to know if its possible to send files via firewire to my PowerMac (kinda like a network cable). Or if you have better recommondations*.

3. Finally I Have noticed that on most things especially with Safari and Adium that it sometimes asks for my keychain password.

One last comment something that annoys me a little is that the Hard Drive on my PowerMac seems very loud. But it soon disappears after about 30Mins or less.

Thanks again ^_^


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Sep 26, 2003
you can put the PB in firewire target disk mode by holding down the T key on startup and then connect it like an external hard disk to the new PM and then copy files from your home directory on your PB to your home directory on your PB.


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Mar 31, 2005
You should be able to use the migration assistant which will automagically transfer your bookmarks and music files (assuming you want your music imported into iTunes).

If keychain is asking for your password (and you know the password has been previously set in keychain), open keychain access in your utilities folder and run the the keychain first aid repair command. That usually hushes keychain from asking again.

Your hard drive activity might be related to spotlight indexing. I don't know how it's setup on Macs with Tiger preinstalled, but generally when you first run Tiger, it creates a search index of your hard drive, which, depending on how much stuff is on it, might take awhile. Once Spotlight is finished creating it's index, that's it. It should only update the index in the background from that point forward with hardly noticable hard drive activity.

You can check to see of Spotlight has completed it's initial index creation by selecting the blue Spotlight icon in the menu bar. If it isn't finished with the index, a dialog will drop down with a progess bar and estimate of how much longer before the index is complete.


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Aug 8, 2005
1. In home/library/safari, there should be a file called "bookmarks.plist" or a similar file to that... You could try a spotlight search for it too.

2. Connect a 6pin-6pin firewire cable, boot the old comp up while holding t. It will appear as a Disk on the desktop of your new comp.

3. Adium is pretty good. I use a program called aMSN, which has a few more features and some skins, one which looks like the MSN 4 skin for mac. :)

Hope that helped! :)
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