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    Nov 11, 2004
    Denver, CO
    Im thinking of buying the booq bp.3 system laptop backpack. I am, however, a bit hesitant. The thing looks like a monster, huge! I do need to carry around textbooks and stuff, but Im not a huge fan of overly large backpacks. I was looking for a messenger bag, but couldent find one that would hold my school stuff: 2 binders, 2 books, and maybe some other crap. I know its alot, and I can shrink the amount of stuff by combining binders. The thing making me lean toward the bp.3 is that it says it can hold up to 6 inches of books + a laptop. Does anyone have this backpack, or know someone who does? If not, does anyone have a suggestion of another case that might work?
  2. Yotabyte macrumors member


    Nov 15, 2004
    Perth, Australia.
    I just used to shove my laptop into my bag, had its own little compartment, worked alright. But that bag was huge, it could hold a great deal of what felt like 600 kg of school books in one go, but I never thought of a dedicated laptop/school book bag.

    What are those "wet suit" like bags for the apple laptops? They seem to be good. I wouldn't bother with a huge bag, as a fellow student, it just adds to the overall weight of carrying stuff. Just use a bag and take what books u need out of that. But that's a personal thing. Good luck finding/deciding on what you really want. :)
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    Jan 13, 2002
    My girlfriend and I have been through several messenger bags and ordered, tested & returned 6 or 7 different backpacks and used 2 or 3 versions of laptop sleeves in our search for the Holy Grail of bags. One could argue over minor personal taste issues but, taking the combined features: number and size of compartments, compartment placement, durability, security, comfort and price (compared to competition), here's what we came up with:

    Messenger Bag: Timbuk 2 Commute
    Great durability, plenty of room, good price ($129.00 @ the Apple Store), laptop compartment, dual clip closure and basic black. Other colors are cool, but I prefer black, not to attract extra attention to my laptop bag. Those very few occasions you have to stow it in your car for minutes, will make you appreciate the fact that low-brow black bags hide better behind or under a car seat than bright bags do.

    I haven't been wow'ed in the past over Brenthaven bags (pricy, stiff, fewer features), but the new Fusion Flex (also $129.00 @ the Apple Store) looks like the best features of the Commute bag and more. Contrasting colors look great, but will draw more attention to your cool bag.

    Backpack: JanSport Optimizer ($90.00)
    There are other packs out there that LOOK better, but ALL of JanSport's laptop-specific backpacks are better than any other brand right now. The Airlift straps, the side-loading, semi-hidden laptop compartment with the patented anti-shock system. Most would never guess this drab looking pack is stowing a laptop—that's perhaps its best feature.
  4. timsq macrumors regular


    Feb 27, 2004
    New Orleans
    Timbuk2 or Crumpler

    These guys (TB2) have a new larger version of the Detour out soon and it looks like the book/laptop dream. I have the old one which is laptop/paper notebook day pack heaven. Also saw the Crumpler line up at Interbike Show and they are really strong in the vertical backpack with books solution. That does get heavy quickly. The nice separate areas make it the best though still not cheap. crisp suit and Very busy man are definite winners in tyhe courier ilk.

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