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    Feb 6, 2015
    Boot Camp Installation Issues:
    I have a macbook pro late 2011 15”
    I have removed my cd drive and have a second hard drive in its place. I am trying to install windows on the drive in the cd drive position.
    After My boot camp setup I would get an error during the reboot stating “No bootable device”. I solved this issue by shutting down and holding option “alt” during the reboot. I am presented with a screen “Macintosh HD”, “Recovery 10.10”, “EFI Boot”, and a second “EFI Boot” with a flash drive symbol above it, i clicked that one. I also got another error stating that my bootcamp drive is not in a supported format, i fixed this by pressing shift, F10 and it brought up a cmd line witch i typed "diskpart" "list disk" "select (drive number)" "convert gpt". I go though the installation to the part right before it reboots and I get another error, this error is one of two things. “ Windows cannot change boot configuration” or “Windows could not prepare to boot into the second phase of the install.” I probably called support 50 times and no solution. If anyone has a clue on how to fix this please share I’ve been researching for days and I found nothing.
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    You need to put Windows on the disk that's in the native location, rather than on the disk in the DVD bay.
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    Feb 6, 2015
    Okay, would it be a good idea to make a small partition on my normal drive and use the cd drive one as extra storage.

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