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    For some reason everytime I try to run BootCamp installing Windows 7 I run into an error during the partitioning stage and it fails. Here is a screenie:


    I am using BootCamp 5

    For reference I have Done BootCamp sucessfully before. I don't have a "install CD" to do a disk repair (i only say that because of some research I have done says this was a fix) according to Apple's support page.
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    What operating system are you running? As long as you have 10.7 or later, you don't need an install disk, you can repair the disk directly from the recovery partition. (Holding down option at boot up and selecting recovery HD). I would suggest trying that first.

    Another trick one of my co-workers showed me when I was working for an Apple repair center is to open disk utility, select your disk in the column on the left, make sure you have the very top disk selected, then go to the partition tab. Adjust the size of your primary partition and hit apply. (It doesn't have to be a big change, I usually adjusted the size of the partition than less than a gig.) Once it is done changing the size of the partition, try running boot camp assistant again.

    Note: This trick didn't always work, but I've had success with it on more than one occasion. Its a quick and simple thing to try, hopefully it works for ya. =)

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