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Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by Rauru, Nov 17, 2008.

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    Nov 8, 2008
    I posted an earlier topic asking for help with getting on Fallout 3 on anything but Boot Camp and it looks I have to use Boot Camp, which I do. However, now I'm wondering how you can transfer files from one Hard Drive to another while using OS X. I successfully installed XP and used it for a bit and I want to transfer my music files over OS X to XP. I used the FAT file system when installing, so is there anyway to transfer files between the two places without the use of an external Hard Drive or CD's?
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    FAT32 for your windows drive? i wouldnt necessarily think its a good idea to have Windows on a FAT formatted drive, NTFS gets the best out of them.

    you may want to create an additional partition on your harddrive (what type of computer is it? iMac, Mini, MB, MBP, MacPro?)
    If you have a macpro get another internal drive for the inbetween stuff if possible, if not, create a small partition using FAT32 then both OSX and Windows can see it (read/write to it), even externally it will need to be FAT32.

    Other there are some sub-par NTFS & HFS+ reading apps; such as MacDrive for Windows.
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    Here is a good reference on the different file systems from the MR Guides:

    MR Guide: File Systems

    NTFS-3G allows OS X to read/write to NTFS drives (Windows) and it is free

    MacDrive allows Windows to read/write HFS+ drives (OS X) but it is not free

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