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Apr 27, 2006
Now that i have boot camp working i have a few questions.
1. When its runnning xp there is a red light coming from the optical audio in port hole
2.Is there a way to access files from one parition to the other?
3.How do i use things like the i sight and get trackpad options (like click when tapping pad) while on xp?

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Mar 17, 2005
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This is in the wrong forum, there's another one for Windows XP on Mac issues and discussion.

But anyway:

1) That's just the optical audio out beaming out digital audio information. Those audio out ports are capable of both digital and analogue out. Its normal.

2) You cannot access files on an HFS (OS X's file system) from Windows unless you download and pay for software such as MacDrive. I've had a few issues with corrupted files and crashes when I've used it though but maybe I had a faulty drive.

3) I can't vouch for the track pad because I don't have an MBP (which I'm guessing you have), however, go to the control panel and have a look at the mouse and keyboard settings. You might be able to change the way the trackpad works in there. Dual button scrolling won't work but it might allow you to scroll by using the vertical and horizontal edges of the trackpad. As far as the iSight goes, I don't think there's a solution right now. The external firewire iSights I think do work to some degree of success as they always used to anyway on Windows systems. The internal iSights are USB and at the moment are an unknown entity, sorry!!

I hope this helps you, if you have any more questions make sure you post in the right section thouhg!! ;)