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    Hi All:

    A friend who has a MacBookPro and OS 10.7 a few days ago successfully installed Window 7 on his laptop but when he booted up his laptop it took him directly to Window 7 instead of the Mac OS 10.7 side of the partition. In Windows 7 we were unable to locate the screen which contained the icons to switch to OS 10.7. Can anyone shed any light on how to get the laptop to boot up the Mac side? Thank you! :(
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    Assuming you installed the Apple BootCamp drivers after you installed Windows, you can restart and boot to OS X easily:

    In the task bar at the bottom of the screen, on the right near the clock display, you should find a up-arrow symbol. Clicking it will bring up a mini-menu of icons, one of which should be a diamond shape. Right clicking on it will give you the option of restarting in OS X, or bringing up the BootCamp control panel which will have other options if available.

    This should lock it into the OS X mode, but to be sure, when you boot into OS X check the SystemPreferences/StartupDIsk to verify that your OS X disk is the selected default boot disk. Note, selecting the Windows boot disk and rebooting will now set Windows to be the default startup disk. Of course, you can hold down the Option key while booting and then select any available disk as the boot disk for that session.

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    Assuming he didn't accidentally blow away (delete/format) the OS X partition, then all he has to do is hold the Option (Alt) key while powering on.
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    Hi Howard:

    Thank you for your help! My friend was able to access his Mac partition with your suggestions! He used the Option key method.


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