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    So yesterday after long delayed time, i upgraded my macbooks hard drive and installed snow leopard. i divided the partition into two. a 500gb main startup and a 750 secondary. I want to use bootcamp but i get an error saying
    "the mac partition must be a single partition"
    I dont want to have to reinstall everything over again. is there a way i can make the hard drive into one partition or somehow pass this?
    im running a 2007 white macbook
    2.2Ghz core 2 duo
    4gb RAm DDr2
    750gb hard drive

    let me know thanks.

    sorry made a little error, have them partitioned as 500gb and secondary 250gb both mac osx extended journaled. And this is the error i get when trying bootcamp exactly:
    "The startup disk cannot be partitioned or restored to a single partition"
    The startup disk must be formatted as a single mac os extended journaled partition or already partitioned by bootcamp to install windows"

    whats that mean? i gotta repartition the drive to full 750gb?
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