Boot Camp partitioning snafu

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by jalfp, Jun 27, 2008.

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    Jun 27, 2008
    A couple of months ago when I purchased my Macbook I ran Boot Camp and successfully installed Windows XP on a 5gb partition, and everything went smoothly. Yesterday I decided that that initial 5gp wasn't large enough, so I deleted the partition and set about creating a bigger one (12gb). Once again the partitioning seemed to be running smoothly and quickly, but when the status bar reached about 98% completion it seemed to stall--if it took about 30 minutes to get to that point (roughly), it sat there for another 30-45 minutes without progressing further. At some point I accidentally adjusted the hard drive partition size slider in Boot Camp Assistant, and after waiting for the partitioning to complete without seeing any change, I thought maybe I'd interfered with the partitioning, so I force quit out of Boot Camp Assistant.

    Now I find myself missing about 11gb of hard drive space that have probably been allocated to this aborted but inaccessible partition. If I open up Disk Utility -> Partition, the current volume scheme shows me a hard drive with max capacity of 232.57gb and 7.6gb available. If I click on the + icon beneath the volume scheme it brings up a 2nd configuration with two partitions, the first of which is 224.98gb, the latter 7.6gb. Yesterday directly after the partition attempt went bad, the sizes were roughly 220gb and 11.99gb, respectively, which is precisely what they should have been after a successful partition (I have since run some bit torrents that have taken up extra space).

    I had about 25gb of free space when I started the partitioning effort, and about 12 after it had failed. Is there any way to recover that space? It seems like Disk Utility recognizes that I tried to make a partition, but the information it displays doesn't seem to correspond to any actual identifiable (and deletable) partition. I am a fairly recent Mac-user, so I'm not sure what sort of options I have here besides a clean reformat/reinstall of Leopard, which I can do if necessary but would rather avoid if there's a simpler solution out there. Thanks.
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    I'm not super familiar w/ Boot camp as I don't have an intel mac, but I have used it once.

    Maybe try booting to your original apple restore disks and running Disk Util from there and see if it will let you modify or recover the space since you're not physically in the OS.

    Also you could try a 3rd party program like iPartition and see if that helps.
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