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    I'm trying to install Windows 10 on my Late 2014 5K iMac. Boot camp copies the files to the USB on the OSX side, and then I partition the HD. It then restarts right back into OSX, I have to wait there and hold OPTION and tell it to boot into Windows. It then starts to install Windows, and I can get to the Windows desktop. At which point boot camp installs the drivers, but it gets stuck at the audio (Realtek) drivers and stays there forever. I have to restart, and then Windows starts up normally, but I don't have audio, and later, things like are not working right. For example, menu items on the START menu are scrambled and illegible.

    Any ideas? I've tried reinstalling (erasing the partition) twice with the same results.

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    I don't know if my experience might be of any help but here it is.:rolleyes:

    In my computer I could not use the BootCamp of El Capitan.
    Although it created a special partition for Windows and even formatted it in NTFS, afterwards during the installation, Windows refused to see that partition. :eek:
    Since BootCamp requires that the hard drive should have only one single partition (therefore not be partitioned) and, as already told, the partitioning had actually taken place, it was a mess to begin again and again.
    My Mac has only one inner drive and that one had to have only one single partition!.:oops:

    The solution I found was awkward but it worked. :confused:
    I cloned the whole El Capitan system to an external bootable USB hard drive.
    Then booted from it, erased entirely the inner drive and installed back my previous Yosemite in it.
    I installed just the OS with nothing else.
    I used the BootCamp of Yosemite and a USB stick (the way BootCamp worked before El Capitan) to install successfully Windows in a part of the inner drive using the Windows drivers downloaded to the USB stick.
    Then I booted again from the external USB hard drive, erased the Yosemite in the inner drive and cloned back to it the El Capitan. ;)

    It seems entirely crazy to have to do it in such a way but I found no better solution. :confused:
    The BootCamp coming with El Capitan in my humble opinion does not work as it should. :(
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    I recently installed bootcamp and have installed Windows 10 with EL Capitan as the OS X and an iMac 5k (Late 2014). It's working perfectly so far...knocking on wood. :);)

    What I suggest is to install the Apple Drivers (by that I mean mouse and keyboard - you'll know it when using Boot Camp Assistant) using Boot Camp Assistant, use a windows 10 ISO that is downloaded directly from Micro$illy (Microsoft) and most important of all read the Boot Camp Assistant's instructions very carefully (This part was a gotcha for me, specially when I booted up the first time on the Windows side). I would recommend starting with a fresh partition for Windows and hopefully you have a backup before you are doing this.

    P.S make sure everything is updated on the Apple side first before doing the install.
    P.P.S. You have to be very patient when doing the USB part, for it takes a very long long time to complete. I'm even surprised that I did this correctly for I'm usually not a very patient person. :)

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