Boot Camp--sleep in W7 turns off computer

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by maclaw21, Nov 15, 2013.

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    (apologies for tainting the forum with Windows talk, but I need it for work)

    Windows 7 on my MB does not sleep properly. When the computer goes to sleep, it apparently still consumes a lot of power, as my battery is drained when I open it back up. I disabled the hibernate feature because that would turn the computer off and make me have to start the computer manually (i.e. it would not awaken when I opened the lid).

    Any thoughts? Thank you.
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    That's how Hibernation is supposed to work.

    Windows has two modes:

    Sleep: Keeps powering the RAM and a few others things for a fast wakeup
    Hibernate: It writes the RAM to a Hibernation file so that it can pick back up where it left off when you wake it back up(press the power button)

    Sleep wakes up the fastest
    Hibernate is best for when you will not be using the computer for an extended amount of time.

    When you close a computer lid it should got into sleep for a few minutes before it then goes into Hibernate mode. Same for if you levee your computer unused, It should go to sSp, then Hibernate.

    It sounds like your computer is working as it is supposed to. Sleep probably uses more power than it should as Boot Camp drivers usually suck, so it doesn't have the proper settings to power down all the items in your MacBook correctly.
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