Boot camp Windows Support Software not installing cpanel


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Feb 5, 2020

Windows is running perfectly on Boot camp but it would not install Windows Support Software, specifically Boot camp control panel. I tried multiple times to installing and uninstalling of the Windows Support Software but it is not even showing the Boot camp icon and cpanel options on the task bar or anywhere. I can see Boot camp installed in the Applications list in Windows but I cannot even modify it. I cant use my Touch Bar, I cant set up the Track pad touch instead of click. I don't know what else to do. I already check if the BC cpanel icon was hidden but it is not anywhere in the system.

My current configuration:
15" MacBook Pro 2018 with touch bar
Boot camp is running Windows 10 Education version


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Feb 17, 2008
Fort Worth, Texas
I suspect it's the version of Windows 10 Education that you have which might be the reason the Boot Camp support software from Apple has not been installed. You probably need to find out if the Windows 10 Education version is supported by Apple for Boot Camp. If it's not, you can always install it in a virtual machine instead. However, if you like to play Windows games, installing in a VM might not work for you.


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Oct 18, 2008
Education edition edition in general is not a problem, but it's possible that some institute MDM may be restricting something.