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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Wireless Buddy, May 5, 2008.

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    Help me, people.

    I did something to the HD on my iBook (see signature) so I'm trying to use my Ubuntu Live CDs to get into the computer. But I can't get the iBook to boot from the CDs. I tried both the red 32 bit and yellow 64 bit CDs. When I press C, it tries to boot from the HD (to which I get a grey screen with Apple but no spinning disk). I tried to bypass HD startup by pressing Command + Alt + Shift+ Delete but that just yielded a very OS 9-looking screen with a graphics alternating between a folder with a ? and a Finder face. Then I tried Alt boot but that gave me another OS 9-ish screen with a Macintosh HD graphic but no CD. When I select Macintosh HD, it just does what it does on a normal bootup: grey Apple, no spinning disk.

    Here are all the key combos I've tried:
    Alt + C
    Command + C
    Command + Alt + Shift + Delete
    Command + V

    I've also reset PRAM.

    Please help, guys.
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    First off, make sure that they are Ubuntu CDs for PPC (I am assuming that they still have those at least, I just went onto the download site and didn't see them as options, but I didn't look to hard either). Then try holding Option to bring up a list of bootable devices. If that doesn't work, check to see if you have an Open Firmware/EFI Password (look for the program named that, not sure which one it is, it should be in Application>Utilities iirc).
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    as above, you need the PPC version for you ibook. try HERE to grab the 7.10 iso. burn to disc, pop it in the ibook and hold down 'C' at the chime. works great! best of luck.

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