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    May 12, 2015
    I have a qestion.

    I have iMac with usb external disk with MacOS High Sierra. ( No APFS ).
    When i power up imac, i see black screen. After 10 seconds, the apple logo appears and the booting from the external usb disk. All works fine but i need boot default from external USB ( save the 10 seconds ;p )

    My internal disk is clean - no MacOS On this drive.

    Can i change in terminal or other app this setting?

    In my settings> start disk> i have only my external disk. ( MacintoshHD macOS 10.13.2).
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    But did you SELECT - flag / highlight - your USB as macOS startup disk, otherwise your Mac will still do a search on all internal/external HDD/SSD ports.

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    And second screen on my terminal

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