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Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by mikefarley, Dec 28, 2009.

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    Dec 28, 2009
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    Using bootcamp assistant to install Vista on a separate partition I was able to successfully screw a number of things up. First, after a restart with the Vista dvd in it claimed the partition bootcamp setup was not the proper file format. Wonderful. So I foolishly allowed the Vista installer to format that partition for me and install itself.

    Restarted after done and Vista loaded perfectly (though apparently the drivers didn't support my native 30" screen resolution) which was annoying. I restarted Vista hoping to be able to choose from OSX or Vista, but it booted directly into Vista again.

    Holding down the option key I was able to force the boot selector and was able to log in to OSX. Using bootcamp I then removed the dual boot and Vista partition. However when I start my machine, I am now told there is no bootable device present. I am forced to hold the option key down and select it manually which is annoying.

    SO, the question is, how do I correct the boot issue and make my OSX drive/partition bootable and the default.

    Thanks in advance Mac gurus! This Mac Pro is new to me and my time/exposure on Macs have been very limited up to this point so consider me fairly new to the Mac world. Having used various Linux distros I do understand the concept behind console so if I need to modify anything within the console I'm not totally wet behind the ears.

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    After you boot into OS X, go to System Preferences->Startup Disk and select your OS X hard drive. Problem solved.

    You could also have selected your OS X drive as the boot disk from the Boot Camp Control Panel in Vista, but since you've already dleted your Vista partition that won't help much.

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