Boot to Circle with Line - A1170 / 2008 MBP

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  1. tlito, Jan 12, 2013
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    Jan 12, 2013
    **correction its an A1150

    I am trying to update the hard drive for my wife's computer to an intel 160GB SSB drive .... the computer works fine with its old hard drive but it wont boot from anything but the old HD. Heres what i have tried:

    1) disk utility clone from old HD to SSD (installed) - boot to circle/line
    2) old hd in usb enclosure - boots fine
    3) Lion basic USB OS plugged into USB port - boot to circle/line
    4) superduper clone from old HD to SSD (installed and usb enclosure) - boot to circle/line
    5) create new Mountain Line Drive on other computer - boots fine installed and in usb enclosure .. connected to usb port of MBP - boot to circle line.

    Im pretty stumped .. it must be something with the compatibility / firmware or something with the older A1150 2006 MBP. Any help?
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    Are you sure it's an A1170 because I can not find it in my database.

    Check again, need to know the model, you might have a MBP which can not run Mountain Lion.

    You can do so by clicking about this mac under the Apple Menu and then click more info, System profiler shows up, look under model identifier.

    Edit: I just see you edited your post.

    You Can not run Mountain Lion, 10.6.8 is the highest you can go.

    There are two A1150, both 2006

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    Jan 12, 2013
    Ok - that makes sense for some of my boot with circle /line scenarios ..

    What about the cloning to ssd - using disk utility and super duper.

    Is the drive compatible with computer - you would think if it recognizes it and will clone - it should boot.

    Is it maybe the way the drive is formatted or permissions?

    Any ideas?

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