Bootable SATA card for G4

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by ccross13126, Apr 3, 2012.

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    Unfortunately no, you can get cheaper cards that will allow sata to be seen in mac, but you can't boot from them.

    That card is based on the FirmTek SeriTek 1S2
  3. p4madeus, Apr 4, 2012
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    $30 - Only external ports, but it is SATA, bootable, and will work in your G4.

    You can make it internal by getting a cheapo eSATA to internal SATA PCI bracket:

    Just get 1 or two eSATA cables to connect the external ports on the LaCie card to the external ports on the bracket and you will have internal SATA.

    This has been confirmed a working solution here:

    Hope this helps :cool:


    This is also an option:

    Considering this will just be a MP3 server, seems like the most cost effective, I'm assuming you simply want to use a SATA drive because you have an extra one and/or they are generally cheaper/bigger... The performance difference between this and the PCI card solution would be tiny, and rather irrelevant to the low power task of serving up MP3's.
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    Agree with p4madeus. Performance wise, an adapter should be fine for your purposes. Some folks have reported data corruption with adapters, but I've used one (the same one in that last link) for a couple of years now in a heavy use machine with no problems. I'd think that there would be even less risk of data corruption when used for what you have in mind. I just mention it so you'll be aware of the possibility.

    In the fourth post down at the Apple discussion link, Swampus posts some benchmarks. That Swampus guy is a bit of a douche, but you can probably take his word for this. I'm guessing that the scores given were the average of three tests each done three minutes after the start-up chime on a fresh boot. Even though Xbench was used, the consistency in test methods should attenuate for other variables. Also, I suspect that other benchmarks were done with similar results. Note, however, that this adapter was being tested on the ATA100 bus of an MDD. It wouldn't be this close if used on the ATA66 of a Sawtooth or Quicksilver. Still more than enough for your needs, though.

    The LaCie card is also quite nice. I got one recently to run a couple of Macally enclosures. One wonders why they didn't make an internal version of the same card.

    If you're not in a hurry, check eBay frequently for a better deal on the FirmTek or Sonnet cards (the same cards with a different name). I've picked them up recently for less than $30.

    Whatever you decide, the single most important thing is to have fun.
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    I picked up an ACard 6290M for about 30eur,it's bootable,it has OS9 support,2 sata 1 ports, works fine.
    But for an mp3 server grab and adapter.I had one of the cheap ones from ebay (2eur I guess) and no problems.

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