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Dec 25, 2013
Hello & Happy Holidays to All!

I've just built a brand new computer for Christmas but I've ran into an issue. I do not have any other Windows based computers I only have a Mac based computer so that's all I am able to use to format the USB flashdrive to boot. I cannot get my USB flashdrive to boot on the new computer so I can install an OS. I've attempt Unetbootin and dd commands but still not working out. Could anyone please help me? I've been at this for several hours now.

Things I have: 8gb Flash Drive and Windows7.iso

My OS X version is 10.8.5

Any help is REALLY appreciated. I've been saving up for this computer for a while now and it just sucks I'm being held back from using it because of a OS boot issue.


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Aug 27, 2012
Wow - wow - wow, this is not a Windows machine.

If you want to install Win7 alongside OSX, and you intend to use one OS at a time, you are looking at BOOTCAMP. Google for procedure. You probably want to Google "BOOTCAMP ISO."

If you want to switch back and forth between OSX and Win7 and/or having them share data, then you need a PAID utility like PARALLEL.

There are a minority who wishes to obliterate OSX completely and install Windows as the sole OS, there is a procedure for that too. Please Google.


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Jun 6, 2003
Solon, OH
The sad fact is this: It's impossible to create a USB that will boot a Mac on a non-Mac, AND also impossible to create a USB that will boot a non-Mac on a Mac. I don't know the exact reasons for this, but I believe Apple's custom EFI is involved.
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