BootCamp: 60C / 140F and a reboot?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by yellow, May 7, 2007.

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    One of my colleagues who just switched from Windows to a Mac (MBP) here at work asked me last week if I had problems with reboots in bootcamp. He's an EQ2 player and apparently the WinXP install was restarting as soon as the internal temp hit 60C / 140F. I told him no, that was not a normal issue since I had never had it happen, nor heard of anyone having it happen to them, and I'd been playing plenty of games on my BC'd WinXP with no such problems...

    Until this weekend.

    Granted I haven't played any games on it in a while since I have a very nice PC at home strictly for that purpose. But Saturday my wife was playing 1701A.D. on my MBP and suddenly it rebooted! I checked the temp in OS X and it was 138F and heading on down, which meant to me it hit 60C/140F and rebooted. Weird!

    I'm guessing this is a bootcamp 1.12 drivers issue and was wondering if anyone else had encountered this issue?
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    no MBP, but using the same on a mini and MB, and both are into the low 70C range all the time. folding on the mini under xp, and it has been stable at 72-74C for several weeks 24 x 7. both running the current version of bootcamp, but was using the previous version prior to the release/upgrade without any issues. hope this helps, good luck with the troubleshooting.

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