BootCamp and Parallels via Partition

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    Oct 8, 2013
    So, here is one for ya...

    I believe I read that it is possible to use a BootCamp Partition via Parallels. My question is, if I make any changes to the Windows OS while in Bootcamp, will it reflect in Parallels and Visa Versa.

    Additionally, how would "SnapShots" work in Parallels if I also use the same installation of Windows via BootCamp. Like, if I loaded a Snapshot, would it overwrite things I changed in my previous session from BootCamp? I never used either program so just trying to figure out the best method to use BootCamp and/or Parallels either together or seperately.

    Thank You.
  2. Atomic Walrus, Oct 25, 2013
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    This seems like it has the info you're looking for, and it appears to be a fairly painless procedure:

    According to the instructions, as long as you use the first method listed there your VM will actually run directly form your Boot Camp installation and all changes will be correctly reflected back and forth (as opposed to the second option, which is to make a second copy of your existing installation).

    Actually planning to set up the same thing myself this weekend. I usually just run Boot Camp and skip the VM (some of the work I do ends up requiring the performance of non-virtual Windows), but with 16GB RAM the option to quickly pop into the Boot Camp Windows installation for small things seems like it could really save some time.

    I should mention that the difficult part would be installing Windows 8 without an OEM disk. Realistically you'll want to install Win 7 first and then do an upgrade if possible, assuming you even intend to use 8.
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    This excerpt from the link you posted has me bothered. You provided great information though. Thank you.

    "Import Windows and your data from Boot Camp into Parallels Desktop: Windows running from Parallels Desktop doesn't have the above listed limitations. Boot Camp and Parallels Desktop are separate. Changes you make in Windows programs while working in Mac OS X are not reflected when you start up your Mac in Windows using Boot Camp."

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