BootCamp cannot be used - Stuck at Partitioning

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    Hi guys! I really need some help now! I'll try to make it short and clear.

    So basically, after my upgrading Mac OS X from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion, the BootCamp Assistant no longer recognises my 2nd partition where I installed Windows (and if I try to hold Option key while booting, there's longer no option of going into bootcamp partition, only the main and the recovery partitions are there)

    Even though I'm having 2 partitions (1 is for Mac OS and the other is in MS-DOS (FAT) format, which is now totally empty) , when I opened BootCamp Assistant it would appear this way :


    Afterwards, I tried "Restore" but it then showed an error and ended up only recognising the 210Gb I'm using for my Mac OSX (the main partition)

    I tried erasing the other partition but it just didn't work! I also couldn't resize the startup disk (the main partition, after having deleted the 2nd partition) to take full space of the hard disk,an error appeared saying like not being able to verify the disk

    When I tried verifying the partition, it showed this error:


    Just in case you may want to know about the other partition, this is how it looks like:


    Should anyone knows how to solve this problem, please help me!!! I don't want to waste 30Gb of my hard disk just like that :(
    + I also have thought about just ignore bootcamp, and try installing windows on the other partition, but then I was afraid of not being able to boot into windows (no option cho to choose after holding the option key)
    + And what if I do as the disk utility said in the picture above (repair the disk using recovery HD), will those data in my disk be gone :confused:

    Many thanks and regards!

    p/s: sorry that I ended up writing quite a lot but I didn't want to miss any necessary details. Please help me :) I really appreciate your time and kindness!
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