Bootcamp Disaster - Kernel Panic - Cannot Install Snow Leopard

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by GregBAYC, Dec 3, 2011.

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    Dec 3, 2011
    Ok I have a white macbook 1.1 It was running Snow Leopard with Windows 7 very well for months via bootcamp. One of the memory units became loose but I didnt know that at the time. I couldnt boot into either OS X or Windows. It was last run in Windows mode. Eventually I figured out that my original problem was a loose dimm (memory) and I corrected it. But now it seems to be stuck in Windows mode. Let me explain because I have searched the net high and low and the issue I have doesn't seem to be answered anywhere. The symptoms are addressed but everything I have read assumes you have a partition for OS X and I do not. First let me say I was given this mac without the original disks so I dont have them. I have a retail copy of Snow Leopard. I am not a mac expert but I can see by good reasoning that it appears that when using bootcamp it switches between two modes OS X and Windows. When in OS X you just go to Start Up Disk and change to windows and reboot and if you are in Windows you go to the bootcamp icon by the clock and change to OS X when it is working normally. When going from one OS to another it looks like bootcamp puts it into that particular mode. Here is why I am saying that. The last good use was in Windows mode. After the memory problem I could not boot into either so I formatted and deleted all partitions on the drive by taking the drive out and putting it in a usb case and hooking it up to another Windows machine. I backed up my important files and did diskpart clean on the drive. I put it back in the mac. I did a PRAM reset. And now I cant get OS X (Snow Leopard) to install. I keep getting a kernal panic message and then it just reboots after a few minutes and loops. I have a copy of IPartition and that cd wont boot either. I can put in my windows 7 dvd and it starts the installation process but stops toward the end of Loading Windows Files and wont actually do the install but it does boot up the windows DVD from the black screen. If I put in other dos based cds such as UBCD or IBoot or Partition Manager 10 it boots those cds fine but they are dos/windows based programs. So this leads me to the conclusion that even though there is NOTHING on the hard drive itself that bootcamp has the boot process stuck in some sort of windows mode where it will not read or boot from any OS X mode cds/dvds. So I am assuming that bootcamp does something when you switch normally from one OS to the other that puts it into the desired mode but since the last good boot was in windows mode and now there is neither OS on the HDD it is stuck in "windows mode" for lack of a better term. When I did any of these steps, did I loose the original Mac architecture? How can I get it back to loading the Snow Leopard Installation DVD? The Snow Leopard DVD is a good copy because I can install using it on my windows machine for dual boot. I checked that too to see if it was a corrupted DVD. Please Help! :) Thanks in advance!
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    Boot holding the C key, with the Snow Leopard disc inside the optical drive.
    Then proceed to Disk Utility, format the HDD. Install Snow Leopard and go on from there.
    Create the Boot Camp partition from Snow Leopard, and then install Windows.
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    Dec 3, 2011
    In the post I said that mac will not boot any OS X cds/dvds.

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