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    Jul 28, 2014
    Hi everyone,

    Yesterday I tried deleting the Windows partition I had on my Macbook Pro. I tried deleting the partition using Bootcamp assistant, but I got an error message. I don't remember exactly what the error message said, but essentially it was unable to join that partition to the existing OSX partition. The Windows partition was deleted, however, since when I open disk utility, there is no Bootcamp partition listed.

    I tried going into the disk utility, clicking on my hard drive and dragging the OSX partition box down to reclaim the hard drive space allocated to the windows partition and clicking "apply", but this gave me the following error message: "Partition failed with the error: Couldn't modify partition map because file system verification failed". I tried doing what the following article told me to do:

    However this has not helped, as the next time I tried to reclaim the partition space, I got the same error listed above.

    My ultimate goal in all of this is to reformat my macbook pro since it had slowed down significantly. I have installed OSX Mavericks on a USB stick to install the OS once I can figure this mess out. I'd greatly appreciate any help you guys could provide. Thanks!
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    Could you post a screenshot of what you see in Disk Utility?
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    Jul 28, 2014
    What screenshot are you looking for? The partition menu?
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    Does this help at all?

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    I assume here you already have your data and all backed up and are ready to do a clean install once you resolve this issue?

    If yes... don't worry about fixing it, let's just pave over it.

    Option key boot to your Mavs USB key then start Disk Util. Select the drive brand name at the very top then run repair disk. Then go to the erase tab and select the drive band name again (500GB Toshiba) and select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) in the drop down then apply the change. This will replace whatever partition setup you had with one Mac partition.

    Now quit DU and install the OS.

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